About Snyder Memorial Baptist Church

A look at all of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church through the stories of members. I used a Canon 77d DSLR, Neewer ring light, Rode Shotgun mic, DJI Mavic Air, along with Adobe Premiere Pro for post-production. Biggest challenge in this video was grabbing shots from the many different facets of the church. Music, orchestra, dance, worship, service, missions, relationships, weddings, baptisms, dedications, etc. They all don’t happen every week and so the time it took to procure the content was much longer. I tried to frame the shot to capture a realistic view of the environment that the subjects are in.

Snyder Moms 2020

This project was all about drawing the viewer into the lives of the many church mothers across the generations of our congregation. Our Children’s Minister, Karen McAmis, assisted on this video by coordinating the families and the logistics bring this shoot to life. I used a Canon 77d DSLR, Neewer ring light, Rode Shotgun mic, along with Adobe Premiere Pro for post-production. I attempted to show the subjects interacting with their children at home giving the viewer a picture of the authenticity of everyday life. Biggest challenge with this shoot was the weather. We had to travel around the city and get most of the shots in pouring rain!

This Is Us: Samuel Worden

Shot using a Canon 80D, Canon XA20, the Rode Wireless Go mic, and a couple of shop lights 🙂 We took our first attempt at a handful of testimony videos for a series we did in the fall of 2019. The video quality and such could be improved upon, but Sam’s testimony is one of the most powerful I’ve personally heard.

Adam’s Testimony

In this video one of our congregation members, Adam, shares his testimony. We played this during our Easter service in 2019. As a one man team, it is challenging to balance the many roles required to produce a video — While still interacting with, and paying attention to the talent.

Children’s Ministry Center Interview Video

This project was a video we shot to promote the construction of our new Children’s Ministry Center. Our Kid’s ministry has never had an auditorium of their own and were very limited on classrooms in our current building. Our Lead Pastor has dreamt for years to construct a building that was dedicated to the future of our church, our Children’s Ministry. In October 2019, his vision came to pass as we broke ground and began building a brand new Children’s Ministry Center that is entirely made for our children. This video was a personal favorite as it was meant so much to our pastors and congregation to see the churches vision come to pass. We used LED lights to help with lighting, recorded with 2 Sony FS100 cameras, and recorded with a wireless sennheiser mic for the speakers. The biggest challenges was finding the right places to film as there was not much electricity in the new building to work with at the time and no lighting at all in most of the rooms. We made it work, and it has became one of my personal favorite videos to work on.

A Christmas Story (By Kids)

This was a fun narrative project we did a few years back for our Christmas Eve Services. We spent months planning it out and it is personally my favorite project I have ever done as it helped my build my skills as an aspiring filmmaker. We shot this over the course of 3 weekends on location at church members farm. At the time we did not have much equipment so we used a Sony FS100 Camera to shoot on and used some AKG mics back at the church for the VoiceOver recordings. The biggest challenges presented was working with kids from our children’s ministry. It is harder to direct children but with the help of our “Kids Life” Teachers and their parents, we were able to create this fun video that we all had fun shooting. It was also winter here in Texas so shooting outside on location in the Winter presented some challenges but luckily it was nice and warm the weekends we shot.

St. Bernardine Promo Welcome Video

The video is a promotional tool that is part documentary and narrative describing the history of the church and the experience of being a member of the church.

Dr. Al Chemy Scroll of Wisdom ep4

We had a sermon series called Alchemy. As a fun little play off of that, we made a fictional character, Dr. Al Chemy that would try some experiment or quest each week. That experiment or quest would of course fail and then after the video the pastor (who was also Dr. Al Chemy) would share the truth. We used a Sony 4k camcorder, a green screen and some dead trees from my back yard. This whole process was fun as it was all done on a Thursday and shown that Sunday. And when I say done on a Thursday I mean, the concept and the filming and song were all created on Thursday, and then feverishly edited and finished to show 3 days later.

NC4 Volunteer Appreciation

Back in the fall we decided that we wanted to put together a video that honored our volunteers—the people that make up the church, and make things happen! We realized at the beginning of the year that National Volunteer Appreciation week happens in April, so we planned to put this together around this time. Alex Schwindt really challenged us to tell a story with less narrative, which was what we wanted to accomplish in this project. As this pandemic closed things down, we had to start working with existing b-roll instead of planning to get certain shots. We felt that showing this during the pandemic had even more weight and the affect of the staff’s appreciation of people’s service and time felt more more meaningful.