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NC4 Volunteer Appreciation

Church: NC4 (New Covenant Christian Community Church)
Submitted by: Cara Saliby
Church Size: 501 – 1,000
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Category: Narrative/Concept, Recap, Best Video (under 1,000 in attendance)

Back in the fall we decided that we wanted to put together a video that honored our volunteers—the people that make up the church, and make things happen! We realized at the beginning of the year that National Volunteer Appreciation week happens in April, so we planned to put this together around this time. Alex Schwindt really challenged us to tell a story with less narrative, which was what we wanted to accomplish in this project. As this pandemic closed things down, we had to start working with existing b-roll instead of planning to get certain shots. We felt that showing this during the pandemic had even more weight and the affect of the staff’s appreciation of people’s service and time felt more more meaningful.

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