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Winter Snow Featuring Hannah Kerr

Church: Brentwood Baptist
Submitted by: Derek Cressman
Church Size: 5,000+
Location:  Brentwood, TN
Category:  Best Music Video
Gear:  Canon C300 MkII, Rokinon Xeen glass T1.5

This was a music video feature for our Online Christmas concert this year. This song was a cover of Audrey Assad’s “Winter Snow”. However, this was an original recording produced and recorded by David Hamilton featuring Hannah Kerr. This song was created for this music video.

With COVID keeping our entire congregation at home we filmed right inside our own chapel where our audience would feel most at home.

This was filmed all on the Canon C300Mkii through Rokinon Xeen glass at T1.5. We used enough Christmas lights to cover the Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center.

Director: Derek Cressman
DP: Tim Morris
PA: Zachary Vaughn

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  • BILL MCFARLANE, June 14, 2021 @ 7:59 Reply

    What a beautiful music video. Question: Is there a reason the singer was seated rather than standing? I almost feel the picture composition in the two shot would have been better. I am also wondering if there wasn’t also an opportunity to have B roll of some of the things she was singing about. It seems to me she is imagining pictures in her minds eye while singing. I just thought it might have been nice to see some of those pictures. Just a thought… This is a gorgeous song so well edited and produced. Well done.

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