One Year

One Year

Church: Brentwood Baptist
Submitted by: Derek Cressman
Church Size: 5,000+
Location:  Brentwood, TN
Category:  Best Concept

In 2020 East Nashville was hit by a tornado that destroyed entire neighborhoods. The Church at Lockeland Springs was right in the middle of the devastation. God has used this tragedy as an opportunity for the Church at Lockeland to be there for a community in a time in need. The Church was able to form new relationships and connections with a neighborhood that needed a church.

God has been at work through The Church at Lockeland Springs not only to bring help in a time of need but to bring the Hope of Jesus Christ.

This video was used as the “One Year” since the tornado hit East Nashville to highlight all the work that has been done, and all that God will do in the years to follow.

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  • BILL MCFARLANE, June 14, 2021 @ 7:53 Reply

    I really like this film… captures the whole story beautifully…one comment or perhaps a suggestion really and this is just me…I would not have used the old grainy news report video….I would have suggested using the TV news audio only under the pictures shot by your film production team. I think it would have given the beginning of the film greater impact. I offer this not to be negative because as I say I love the film. Well done. My background includes over twenty years as a reporter/producer in television news.

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