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Best Series Starter 2021

“My Secret Life”

Church: NewSpring Church
Submitted by: T.J. Nix
Church Size: 3,501-5,000
Location:  Wichita, KS

For this video promoting our series “My Secret Life,” we were aiming for a suspense/thriller vibe. We storyboarded the sequence and then scouted for locations. The house we found was absolutely perfect and provided a great aesthetic to base our look on. We wanted the scene to take place at night, so we blacked out all the windows, added curtain sheers, and placed small lights outside to simulate moonlight. We gelled the under-cabinet kitchen lights to get a nice greenish-yellow tint to them and then supplemented that lighting with our Titan Tubes, aputure lights, and some tungsten practicals. For the staircase shots, we also utilized a steadicam to add some energy into that moment. The final shot of the piece was filmed in a large space that we constructed a doorway in to match our other location, and then we blasted light from behind to create the elongated shadow that would match our end graphic.

Director/DP: Justin Arwood
Art Director/Graphic Design: TJ Nix
1st AC: Jonah Gibson
Steadicam: Luke Whitmire
Gaffer: Jack Clayton
Visual Effects/Animation: DJ Mahannah
Sound: Cristina Arias
Production Assistants: Tracy Larsen & Tiffany Nix

Canon C200
Tokina Cinema Vista Lenses
Steadicam Aero 30
Kessler Shuttle Dolly
Astera Titan Tubes
Aputure MCs
Arri M18

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