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Best Testimonial

180º for Christ

Church: Living Hope Church
Submitted by: Jorge San Jose
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Olathe, KS

A once drug lord, murderer, and extortionist becomes a Christian and leads a ministry inside one of the most dangerous prisons in Peru. This is a story of redemption and healing. And how the actions of one can transform an entire community!

Most of this project was shot on a gimbal with a Sony A7Sii. It was perhaps one of the most impactful and beautiful projects I’ve ever worked on.

Some of the challenges were being in an extremely dangerous area with expensive equipment. I had 2-3 people always walking with me while filming. Especially near the prison.

Talking to Carlos on the phone while in prison was one of kind experience. He was passionate and humble. I will never forget recording his voice over speaker phone and hearing his love for Jesus and the men inside the prison.

The other voices that add to this story (wife, mother, pastor, and leader) only add to the power of it. To this day this district of Peru saw its crime all time low when Carlos came to know Jesus!

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