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YES Conference 2020

Church: Living Hope Church
Submitted by: Jorge San Jose
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Olathe, KS

The YES Conference is for any high school student who is willing to step into the adventure of discovering who God has created them to be and all He has created them to do. YES Conference will lead a conversation on listening, discerning, and responding to the call of God through diverse speakers, creative sessions, breakout groups, and times of worship.

This video is based on Ezekiel 47:9 “where the river flows, there will be life”. The concept of the video was too utilize water as the driving theme of calling. Each theme “Story | Unknown | Bold Love” are each represented by a certain type of water. Yet in the end they are all connected, just like God is interwoven in every area of our calling.

The challenge with this video was more in the editing. Creating a 3 part split screen felt like it could be overwhelming for the viewer. “Too much going on” was a constant thought. Carefully choosing when the shots changed, when the text came up, what type of shot would emphasize the shot without creating a distraction. It took a while. But we think in the end it ended up being a beautiful peace that could be used as an advertisement for the conference (like we did) or a sermon series, a devo video, a concept video, etc.


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