The Crucial Carriers

The Crucial Carriers

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The Crucial Carriers

Nick BenoitMain Auditorium

Stories are powerful. That’s why many of us have given our lives to telling them —and why we find ourselves gathering to keep learning how to tell them better. But is it possible that we may sometimes … perhaps … every now and then … overestimate the power of stories?

Nope. No way.

In fact, if anything, our churches and their storytellers may be doing exactly the opposite, underutilizing and devaluing one of the best means we have of communicating the gospel.

Together, we’ll be inspired to continue to tell tales and advocate for the way stories are uniquely made to carry truth. Along the way we’ll explore some of who we’re meant to be as carriers of these stories, and we may even be challenged to rethink ourselves, seeing our creative ventures not as mere hobbies, skills, or talents but as deep, meaningful, and necessary acts of obedience to our life’s greatest calling.

Nick Benoit is the co-founder and creative director of Bravingbird, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing messages that matter. Bravingbird tells powerful stories with truths attached, stories rooted in the themes of the gospel and that carry messages with the power to reshape personal lives, relationships, and whole communities.
Tue 9:00 - 9:55