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When Everything Changed Series Video

Church: First Baptist Rogers

Submitted by: James Harding

Church Size: 2,001 – 5,000

Location: Rogers, AR

Category: Narrative/Concept, Best Video


In 2019, we chose the sermon series title When Everything Changed for our Spring 2020 sermon series. Little did we know that COVID-19 would strike and our selected title would become so culturally relevant. When planning the series in January, we decided to create a narrative sermon series animation that was added to each week. We planned to outsource the project but found we didn’t have enough margin for an outside resource to create it. We weren’t far enough along in the process to have the materials ready to send off. So, we decided to do it in-house. All of the imagery was created in After Effects by one of our staff, David Bullard, from scratch who had never endeavored to engage in animation to this degree before this project began. David captured all voice-over recordings, edited the animation, and added sound effects and background music to make the final product each week. We were more than ecstatic with the results of David working so hard at creating this content.

This was the final version that played the last week. The voice talent was one of our campus pastors. The background music was purchased from Music Bed and was by Tony Anderson.

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