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Voices at Pentecost

Church: Flood Church
Submitted by: Timothy Eagerton
Church Size: 1-500
Location: San Diego, CA
Category:  Best Concept
Gear:  iZotope RX suite

Acts 2:1-12 read by Floodsters here in San Diego, as a part of our 2020 Pentecost Celebration. We hoped to recreate a sense of the sonic tapestry that would have been present in the original Pentecost, as the Spirit arrived and enabled people from all nations to hear the message in their own native tongues.

Though we were forced apart by the pandemic, sheltered in our homes, we share a common home and family in the Kingdom that will not be shaken.

Like many creators in 2020, we crowd-sourced our content, which meant exchanging technical quality for the value of participation and engagement. The audio presentation was critical for this piece, so we used iZotope RX suite to clean up noisy audio filmed outdoors, on laptops and phones.

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