Capture Content Creation + Filmmaking Summit


Church: New Beginnings Lutheran Church
Submitted by: Dale Ward
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Pacific, MO
Category:  Best Concept
Gear:  Blackmagic Cinema

This video was used for a new year service and about the gift of time, and is based on the alleged Martin Luther quote “If I knew tomorrow would be my last, I’d still plant the apple tree.” It was shot on a BlackMagic Cinema camera using existing outdoor lighting. One of the challenges we faced was that the video was shot on the tail end of winter, and so there were no trees around. I advertised on facebook for a fake tree that we might use, and we were able to secure one that worked out perfectly. In hind sight, with all the barren trees in the background, having one that was green helped to really make it stand out.

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