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Spring Baptism 2023 – Peyton’s story

Church:  Liquid Church
Submitted by: Ed Ramirez
Church Size: 3,501-5,000
Location:  Parsippany, NJ

It was a spring 2023 baptism story. Peyton telling her story of how she struggled through anxiety and depression in her middle school and high school years and how God came about and made her feel loved. Through her counselor she found Liquid and was able to accept Jesus in her heart and decided to make it public and get baptized 🙂 Used 2x Canon R5’s (50mm, 100mm), Aputure 300D as key, Aputure P22C as color backdrop, Aputure 60x as rim, boom mic for audio. Custom white balanced to lock in the warmth of each camera, Neutral with -3 contrast and -1 Saturation to add it in post. The challenge, perhaps in-camera it seemed like the Rembrandt lighting was a bit aggressive but in post production it was easy to correct by raising the shadows and midtones.

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