Capture Content Creation + Filmmaking Summit

Steve Reed |Minister of Worship Production

    Steve Reed is the Minister of Worship Production at First Baptist Church Dallas. Prior to joining the team at First Dallas, Steve was a VP of an acoustics, audio, video and lighting consulting firm that specialized in House of Worship and Performing Arts for seventeen years. Prior to that he was the media director for thirteen years at a church that produced a Worship service that was broadcast locally and on satellite TV. At First Dallas, he is responsible for the production of the live events, live broadcasts, content creation and capture of the events on campus which is used to produce “Pathway To Victory.” “Pathway To Victory” serves as the broadcast ministry of Dr. Robert Jeffress and First Baptist Dallas. “Pathway To Victory” is seen on TBN, Daystar, other satellite outlets and strategic local TV stations in both the United States and internationally. It is also heard on over 900 radio stations across the country.