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Patrick Elkins | Co-Founder | Church Creatives Network

Patrick Elkins’ background as a worship leader, professional musician, and entrepreneur has kept him running in the Creatives’ circles most of his life. Led by his love for the Lord, and his willingness to serve, Patrick has accrued a wide range of experience serving the Church, and also Creatives. Growing up, he was exposed at a young age to the world of music by playing as a musician with Integrity artists like Michael Gungor, Curt Coffield, and Ken Reynolds. Immediately following his high school graduation, he began touring as the lead guitarist for an artist named Daniel Eric Groves. Eventually transitioning from full time travel, Patrick accepted a local position and spent nearly 10 years on staff at his home church in Grand Rapids, MI as a Generation’s/Men’s/Associate Worship Pastor. That season led to a transplant where he and his wife and family moved to the West Coast and are now living in Redding, CA attending Bethel Church, and leading worship as volunteers in Bethel’s youth programs. During a season of working for an integration team, the Lord highlighted a need for greater accountability when churches are navigating AVL projects, and this is when Patrick launched AV Coalition with a group of friends. They eventually recognized that, although they had the ability to offer accountability and engineering services, there was a real and present hunger for community amongst Church Creatives. Also, a great desire to interface with one another, and share resources and experience. This realization caused a shift in focus, and was the spark for the Church Creatives Network. As one of the Co-Founders, Patrick is helping to lead and elevate the vision of the CCN – To create a global network of Church Creatives that share in their passion to equip and empower the Church!