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Michael Visser | Co-founder | Threefold Solutions

Michael Visser is a seasoned software developer and a passionate entrepreneur at the forefront of church technology innovation. He co-founded Threefold Solutions, a company devoted to assisting churches in transitioning from traditional ChMSs to modern, efficient SaaS applications like Planning Center. Michael’s comprehensive understanding of software development, data analytics, and church management has established him as a pioneer in the sector, empowering churches to harness the power of technology for growth.

Based in Dallas, TX, Michael’s journey began with a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry from Alphacrucis College, coupled with a lifelong affinity for technology and music, fostered through years of involvement with his local church. He honed his technical skills at Gateway Church, where he helped build the data and analytics department. He made or leveraged various tools, custom reports, dashboards, and custom-developed applications there, providing critical insights into attendance trends, kids’ ministry, events, and videos. These initiatives played a significant role in enhancing church operations and helped leadership make informed decisions.

Michael’s years of experience in the software development field, coupled with his acute understanding of the church ecosystem, led him to establish Threefold Solutions. In this role, he helps churches seamlessly transition to the digital age, streamlining their ministry processes through software and large-scale ministry processes.

In the near future, Michael and his wife are preparing to build a new software company looking to build upon his experiences at Gateway and bring those solutions to churches across the globe. Michael’s visionary approach to technology, boundless curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit make him a dynamic force in the evolving landscape of church technology.