Jesse Henning

Jesse Henning

Media Director

Jesse Henning is currently film and media director at Newhope Church in Durham, North Carolina. Henning is a storyteller at heart with a passion for ministry and the art of filmmaking. He was a youth pastor for three years before feeling a strong calling into media ministry. Since 2009, he has been on a mission to craft and create visual stories of purpose and power. He has completed many projects, including commercials, animations, music videos, short films, and a feature film. He is completely self-taught and is an avid pursuer of craftsmanship and story. Henning has experience as a writer, director, cinematographer, editor, special effects artist, and as a 2D/3D animator.

Sessions By Jesse Henning

Digital Storytelling

When it comes to creating projects that have the power to speak right to the heart there’s one aspect that trumps everything else, and that’s storytelling. Join us as we explore the essentials of telling a good story and how we can use those elements within the context of different types of church videos. 
3:45 PM – Fireside Room

Creating Powerful Life Change Stories

Telling stories that move the heart, however, can be far more challenging than it seems. In this workshop we’ll explore best practices for recognizing and honing a truly meaningful testimony project.
1:00 PM – Room 15

Unique Angle Shots & How to Get Them

Creativity plays an important role in the filmmaking process. Learn from the real-life examples of three different creatives on how they integrate different shots into their projects, and why it’s important to do so.
2:30 PM – Room 14

Creating Engaging Sermon Bumpers for Any Series

Creating engaging and compelling visual aids that help connect people to the message they are about to hear can be a daunting task for most creatives, especially when deadlines are tight. Explore tips, tricks, and workflows that will help you execute live action or animated bumpers/title packages for every series and any timeline that comes your way.
3:45 PM – Room 15