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Best Under 1,000 Attendance 2020

SMBC WELCOME (#1) 2020

Church: Snyder Memorial Baptist Church
Submitted by: Landon Bentham
Church Size: 501-1,000
Location: Fayetteville, NC 
Category:  Best Promotional
Gear:  Canon 77d DSLR, Neewer ring light, Rode Shotgun mic, Adobe Premiere Pro

A video highlighting congregation members and staff welcoming everyone to worship. I used a Canon 77d DSLR, Neewer ring light, Rode Shotgun mic, along with Adobe Premiere Pro for post-production. This was a much more artistic endeavor. Tried to minimize any distractions in the background to get the viewer to focus on the spoken word being delivered by a wide cross-section of generational members. The biggest challenge with this project was keeping the subjects in the relative same place during the shoot to make the frames match from person to person. Also, the varying audio levels made post production a longer process. I was assisted on this project by David Clark and Gray Hurley.

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