Silent Night

Silent Night

Church: NewSpring Church
Submitted by: T.J. Nix
Church Size: 3,501-5,000
Location:  Wichita, KS

This music video was part of a nationally televised broadcast we produced for Christmas 2020. We set up some black plastic in our studio and burnt several holes in it to allow for the light to pass through. The light coming through the holes is from two Arri M18s and a few Aputure 120Ds. Then two Titan tubes are overhead, being pushed through some diffusion for a soft key light.

Director/DP: Justin Arwood
Steadicam: Luke Whitmire

Canon C200s
Zeiss CP.2 28mm Lens
Astera Titan Tubes
Arri M18s
Aputure 120D

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