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SEVEN – Letter to Smyrna | Crosspoint City

Church: Crosspoint City
Submitted by: Cam Nails, Film Director
Church Size: 801-2,000
Location:  Cartersville, GA

We made this film for a 2022 sermon series called Seven. It portrays John the Apostle exiled on the island of Patmos as he writes the seven letters to the churches from Revelation 2-3. We made seven different films (same visuals, different voice over) for the seven different letters.

For the visuals, we used the Red Komodo with a 18-35 Sigma photo zoom. It was shot handheld at 48fps. (The opening shot was licensed from Artgrid).

Apart from the cell bar gobo in the fourth shot, the entire project was shot with natural light only. For that one shot, we used an Aputure 300d with a spotlight attachment.

For the voice over and foley work, we used a rode ntg-2 and a sound devices mix-pre audio recorder.

For some of the sound effects we couldn’t replicate, we used freesoundarchive.

The music was licensed from Artlist.

The project was edited and color graded on DaVinci Resolve.

The two largest challenges were finding / creating period accurate props and costumes and finding a cave that worked for our shoot. We ended up driving out to Sand Rock Alabama to shoot in a cave out there.

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