Sessions at a Glance


- Becoming a Creative Leader in 2019: 10 Critical Skills You Must Master to Lead People
– How to Disciple Your Production Team
– Producing Worship Through Digital Transformation
– Building Strong Film Teams and Film Volunteers
– Collaboration Lunch


- Audio for Video 101
- Next Level Audio: Getting the Most Out of the Gear You Have


- Pre-Production Process: Planning for Success
– Making Your Dream Their Dream: The Secrets to Pitching Your Ideas and Projects
– Digital Storytelling
– Church Filmcraft Festival
– Creating Engaging Sermon Bumpers for Any Series
– Creating Powerful Life Change Stories

Video (cameras, lenses, etc.)

- Finding the Right Digital Cinema Camera for Your Film Team
- Cinematography: Shooting in 4k & UHD
- Understanding the Impact of Cinema Lenses
- Advanced Camera Movement and Motivation
- Using DSLR Cameras for Video
- Putting Together the Right Rig for Your Film Team


- Biggest Mistakes Filmmakers Make with Lighting
- Getting Started with Lighting


- Live Streaming to Facebook
- Getting Started in Streaming
- How to Turn Your Weekend Services into Podcasts
- Maximizing the Reach of Your Streaming Ministry
- Next Level Streaming
- Secrets to Producing a Great Podcast

Technology Demos

- Hands on Interactive Demos with Gear
- Check out a Fujifilm GFX50R, GFX50S, XT3, or XT30 for the day

More coming soon...

- More sessions will be announced soon.