KEYNOTE: Accomplishing the Mission

Deadlines, details, and deliverables are at the top of all our lists when producing church media. As a result, we often end up focusing on the production and forget about its purpose. Drawing upon his experiences in sports, church and ministry media, I Am Second Executive Producer John Humphrey shares ways to balance the demands of the project with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, in order to accomplish the mission at hand.

Presented by John Humphrey

KEYNOTE: To Cancel or to Commit to the Call?

Now more than ever our culture struggles with commitment and even applauds and celebrates a lack of commitment. If we don’t guard our hearts and minds, we can easily buy into a mentality that says, I’m not good enough, I can’t do this, I should go somewhere else or I should do something else. As church creatives and techs, God has gifted you and called you to something greater! You were uniquely created with a purpose! Together we will unpack how God’s Word can show us how to block out the noise of the cancel culture and crash through obstacles to keep creating, ideating and innovating to build God's Church.

Presented by Dave Clark

KEYNOTE: Transforming Culture Through Arts and Media: Revealing the Heart of Jesus to a Generation

For too long, the world has set the narrative of who Jesus is and as a result, the church has been seen as sterile, hypocritical, boring, and judgmental. That couldn't be further from the truth! Jesus is the desire of the nations, the satisfier of the longing in every man's heart! If it is true that people become what they behold, then now more than ever is the time for God's creatives who carry the heart of Jesus to arise and articulate that heart to a chaotic world..

Presented by Michael Maudlin

WORKSHOP: Asynchronous Communities & an Introduction to the Digital & Metaverse Church

First off, church can happen without a building. COVID taught us this, though it's a lesson many of us have forgotten. But what does church look like without buildings? Digital and Metaverse Churches tend to lean towards "asynchronous communities" for engagement... tools as simple as Facebook Groups or WhatsApp, but oftentimes leaning more complex tools Slack, Discord, or Mighty Networks. So what's the secret? Jump in this Workshop as we talk about how Digital and Metaverse Churches are using Asynchronous Communities to make church more than a weekend product to be consumed.

Presented by Jeff Reed

WORKSHOP : Basic Interviewing Setup, Techniques and Tricks

Beginner to intermediate

An overview of video basics with the focus on interviews. We will talk about techniques and helps no matter the tools. We will cover composition, audio, lighting, and editing. We will also delve into some hacks and helps to make up for equipment shortages. No matter the budget, there is still hope for a cinematic video. It is more about techniques than tools.

Presented by Bill Dewhurst, Rashad Gopee

WORKSHOP: Building a Storytelling Ministry Team

If they're inspired by the talk and want to know "ok, but how do we practically start?" That's what this workshop is about. The audience is first introduced to the idea of a media missionary (aka film revivalist), to help them understand the mission field not just accessed by our feet, but by our content.

The audience will learn
• The benefit of documentary storytelling
• The types of stories to tell first, and how to lay your storytelling content foundation
• Creating an efficient production approach to get the most value out of the content
• Strategies for premiere events for local outreach or to bless the congregation
• How to create a process to find and identify stories
• The equipment needed to begin

WORKSHOP: Cinematography

This interactive workshop will focus on:

1. Cinematographer responsibilities
2. Preparation: Pre-Production
3. Preparation: Production
4. Preparation: Post - Production
5. Workshop: Shooting an interview
Camera setups
Camera motion
Lighting setup

WORKSHOP: Creating a Moment of Encounter | How to film an authentic story

This is an in-depth look at how to create an emotionally-engaging film that touches the audience at their core. Bryce will walk the audience through his documentary storytelling process. In this workshop attendees will learn:

• Basic 3 act story structure
• The plot archetype of faith-based stories
• How to "find" the story before you film it through pre-interview phone calls
• How to craft a documentary script
• Overview of a minimalist camera system
• Capturing natural sound on location

Presented by Bryce McNabb

WORKSHOP: Film, The Spiritual Weapon

The church has at its fingertips a powerful spiritual weapon, one that could help win back the culture and harvest souls, but it's overlooked because it's not fully understood. I was saved not by a church or local outreach, but by watching a video. This session is about the transformative power of stories and the spiritual calling of the filmmaker/content creator as a gatekeeper.

Through this talk, the audience will learn
• How a film is a window to a moment of encounter with Jesus
• The spiritual calling of the filmmaker
• The transformative power of stories via "narrative transportation"
• Media theory, and how media creates culture
• What a story is and how to structure one

WORKSHOP: Ideas on a Deadline: How to be Creative When the Clock is Ticking

Based on Phil Cooke's acclaimed new book, this workshop will be the definitive experience for creative people who have to deliver breakthrough ideas on demand. One of the most destructive myths about creativity is the idea that we need to wait for inspiration. But as artist Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work.” If you’re a creative professional, this session will teach you how to “prime the pump” of your creativity, overcome the blocks, and deliver great ideas when you need them the most.

Presented by Phil Cooke

WORKSHOP: Maximizing Your Social Media

Description coming soon.

Presented by Rhon Starling

WORKSHOP: Music Mixing for Streaming and Broadcast

Through discussion and demonstration, mix engineer David Stagl will address common challenges faced in creating polished streaming music mixes. Topics will include monitoring, achieving competitive levels for streaming, strategies for building a solid mix, the use of crowd mics, and getting great drum and vocal sounds.

Presented by Dave Stagl

DEMO: Canon Cinema Camera | EOS R5 C

Go in-depth with Canon’s House of Worship National Sales Manager Darren Fordham to look at the newest Canon cinema camera, the EOS R5 C. Darren will discuss the camera’s newest features, address workflows and show examples of the latest projects.

Presented by Darren Fordham

DEMO: Music Matters LED Content Studio

Capture attendees are invited to visit Music Matters’ content creation stage, with an LED wall and floor. Attendees will be able to learn about the gear and view samples of Music Matters’ live events and content creation. Visitors will also be able to choose content selections for taking photo booth-style photos. Experts will be on hand to answer questions and help visitors navigate options for content creation/filmmaking, live events/festivals, venue consultations and more.

Presented by Lindsay Schwartz

DEMO: Shooting from a Sony Airpeak Drone

Join Sony and Pilot Travis Snyder for a live in-person demo of Airpeak. Combining our imaging and sensing technological expertise and AI Robotics, Sony opens the skies into an infinite creative playground - one with unprecedented freedom. Let us lift you to never-reached creative experience by unleashing all constraints and barriers.

DEMO: Digital Glue

Description coming soon.

TOUR: Tapping into Your Live Production Potential: How Post-Pandemic Ministry has Opened the Door to a Whole New Era of Technology & Production Workflow

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED - Limited availability
This tour will focus on the technology and workflow that powers 12Stone Church’s Sunday services. Come take a deep dive into the video system at 12Stone. Learn how they are leveraging technology to create live in-room and broadcast experiences, how they produce their pre/post service hosting, message/sermon graphics, how they embed and de-embed audio, camera/lens selection, plus the control room setup and workflow.

Presented by 12Stone Production Director & Support - Taylor Davis

TOUR: FOH Audio Tour sponsored by Clark

Explore live audio production from the Digico Quantum 338 console with 12Stone house audio engineers. Come with questions and curiosity to learn from those who are most familiar with the space and tools within.

Presented by 12Stone Audio Director and team - Ronny Cates
Tour Parnter: Clark

BOOK SIGNING: Phil Cooke - Ideas on a Deadline: How to be Creative When the Clock is Ticking

The first 200 attendees get a free copy of Phil Cooke's new book. Meet Phil and get your book signed on Tuesday evening during social time. Additional copies will be available for purchase.

Assembling an Amazing Volunteer Film Crew

Filmmaking is a collaborative process, and a film team can only be as strong as its combined experience and abilities. Strong volunteer teams make all of the difference during this season of increased content demands. Join us for a practical conversation about how team leads can build the dream volunteer film crew.

Presented by Laura Tapp

How to Use Instagram Reels & Tiktok Trends to Your Advantage

Presented by Rohn Starling

The Importance of Color Correcting | Covering the Basics

Beginner to intermediate
This will be an introduction into the reasons for color correction and how to deal with the most common problems. We will look at ways to reduce the need for it, cover the reasons for color correcting and offer some basic setups to enhance the look of your videos.

Presented by Bill Dewhurst, Rashad Gopee

Unprecedented Times Call for Filmmakers to Keep Making Films

As technology evolves so does creativity. This breakout is focusing on how filmmaking has evolved over the years in church media from in-room live experience to the global virtual world.

Presented by 12Stone Creative Team – Timmy Allen (Creative, Film & Design Director), Daniel Loggins (Filmmaker), and James Legg (Film Director).

What is Green Screen and What Can I do With it?

Beginner to intermediate

This will be an overview of the different capabilities of a green screen and how to make it work on any budget. We will cover techniques, helps and different software and effects. We will cover what to do in the three phases of production.

Presented by Bill Dewhurst, Rashad Gopee

IMAG, Projection & LED Wall Best Practices

Creating killer video content is only half the job. The other half is presenting it well in live environments. But most videographers don’t have control over these environments. Or if they do, they aren’t sure how to maximize them. So we will unpack directing for image magnification best practices. We will also walk through key differences in rooms with projectors and LED walls. You will receive coaching for your production volunteers and stage talent, so that everything is working in sync to create a visually engaging experience.

Presented by Ben Stapley

How to Work With Different Personalities and Still Be Friends

Frustration and friction are no fun in the work environment, especially when you work at a church where grace and mercy should abound. Learning to work with different personalities can solve a lot of these daily frustrations. In this session, you will find out how to work with people who are different from you and still be friends at the end of the day

Presented by Dennis Choy

Audio is Half of Your Videos

According to George Lucas, "Sound is half the experience in seeing a film." Do your videos sound as great as they look? From capturing audio in the field to audio post-production, David Stagl will provide some practical tips and tricks for improving the audio in your videos.

Presented by Dave Stagl

Awesome Message Series Bumpers

Bumper videos are a large investment for your church. So you need to reduce their cost and increase their impact to make them worth it. You also need to put your best creative foot forward to capture the attention of your audience. This breakout will show examples of killer bumpers and outline best practices to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. The majority of best practices will be intermediate level, but there will be some for beginners and experts as well.

Presented by Ben Stapley

What’s your creative process? Dream, Focus, Reality, Refocus, Execute, Evaluate

Do you have a process to create things? Maybe you subconsciously do it without knowing it. Learn a process that you can do with your team to help finish creativity and make sure everyone is on the same page at the end of the day.

Presented by Dennis Choy

Structured Creativity: How Implementing the Right Organizational Systems Can Unlock Creative Freedom

The key to full creativity isn’t the absence of boundaries: it’s the presence of appropriate structure that allows for flexibility within those borders. In this lab, we’ll talk about practical tools that you can use in your organization to give healthy structure to the teams that develop and implement ideas. Whether it’s establishing a process for planning sermon series, or just having better resources to communicate and manage or track project status, the right systems can lead to a release of creative freedom and an increase in productivity.

Presented by Justin Firesheets

Church Filmcraft Festival

Join us for an evening premier viewing of selected Church Filmcraft Festival submissions. Our panel will take time to discuss the films after each viewing. Audience interaction is encouraged.

Presented by select panelists and your church creative peers

Let Your Light Shine: How to Collaborate With Pastors on Developing God-Given Creative Ideas

This class is for anyone who has ever gotten the sweats when called into a creative meeting with your pastor. We’ll go over some practices to stay inspired at a moment's notice, as well as how to navigate difficult situations that can arise in those meetings. This will be a session with Q&A throughout, and is intended to be a practical conversation for church filmmakers as well as pastors who work with creatives.

Presented by Austin Allen

Post-COVID: Where Do We Go From Here?

During the pandemic and church lockdowns, Phil Cooke monitored hundreds of church livestreams and traveled throughout that time working with local churches. He will share what he’s learned (good and bad) and lay out priorities for the future. Attendees will also find out what the most effective churches are doing.

Presented by Phil Cooke


This interactive session will touch on overseeing pre-production, production, and post-production, leading your team, directing interviews, and directing scenes.

Presented by Josh Etheridge

Preventing Burnout Before it Happens

Burnout is deadly and it can happen to anyone. Usually, it’s in a work environment that’s not the healthiest, but believe it or not, it can happen even in a healthy environment. Come learn how to prevent burnout before it happens.

Presented by Dennis Choy

Rethinking Church Experience

Interactive topics on live production, multi-platform production, programming outlines, and vision execution for production teams.

Presented by the 12Stone Programming Directors Team - Josh Taylor, Jeremy Epps, Travis Billman

Table Top Discussions - Women in Tech, Filming in Foreign Lands, Creative Pastors Roundtable

Join other creatives to collaborate and discuss Women in Tech, Creative Pastors Roundtable, and Filming in Foreign Lands. Rotate through the different topics/tables to join in on one or more of these intimate conversations.

Facilitated by Laura Tapp, Jon Snyder, Bill Dewhurst, Dave Clark, Eric Bramlett

Ready to Edit

Do you really want to engage and recruit teens to help in your tech production team? Of course you do. They are the future and the now of church ministry. Come hear insights from a youth pastor turned production director and learn how to bring teens into your tech ministry.

Presented by Dennis Choy

The Power of Story on Social

Presented by Rohn Starling

Budget Friendly and Ready to Rock: A call to vintage Super 16mm Film technology for the Modern Church Filmmaker

Description coming soon.

Weird and Wonky: Thoughts on anamorphic cinematography for Profound and Emotional Storytelling in the Church

Description coming soon.

PRE-RECORDED: How Elevation is Bringing Church to People

Over the past six years Elevation Church has opened it’s “doors" to people from around the globe who have had a desire to be a part of the family. From the weekend experience to opportunities to serve and build community from anywhere in the world Elevation has seen a local church become a global family. Hear from Chad Zollo, the Online Pastor, break down some of the decisions that led them to where they are today and how they prioritize creating environments for those who are a part of the church who may never enter a physical building.

Presented by Chad Zollo

PRE-RECORDED: Worship in AR and the Metaverse

The Metaverse isn't a new thing. It's already here! With 154 million active users to date, the "Metaverse" will skyrocket in the months and years to come. But what is the Metaverse, actually? And how will this technology impact the church and society overall? Let's talk about how the church needs to influence the metaverse and how the metaverse will impact the church.

Presented by Jeff Reed

 * Session topics, speakers, and schedule are subject to change.