Capture Content Creation + Filmmaking Summit


Burnout and bitterness are real, but they don’t have to win the battle for our mental health. Ministry work can be hard, especially when you’re surrounded by people who don’t understand your role, or what you do — something many church techs and creatives face every day. In this opening keynote address, John Mark Caton, Ph.D., and senior pastor at Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, Tex., confronts the realities and challenges of mental and spiritual health, and offers encouragement, whether you’re in a creative or technical leadership role, a new volunteer, or somewhere in between.

Presented by John Mark Caton

Simon says, “Start with Why,” but there’s an important step getting skipped by countless leaders and creators, and it’s costing them. In this keynote, Harris pulls from the latest research and neuroscience as showcased in his bestselling book, The Wonder Switch, to make the case that we should actually “Start with Wow.” He lays the groundwork for how leading with “wow” leads to game changing thinking, creativity, culture and innovation in all sorts of conversations, including those your church has with its community. This keynote won’t just give you new tools and insights, it offers a whole new paradigm that helps you never see yourself, your work or your church the same again.

Presented by Harris III

After working with nearly a thousand churches around the world, one comment Phil Cooke regularly hears is: “I really feel called to take our media outreach to a new level, but our pastor just doesn’t understand media. As a result, we don’t have much of a relationship and I never get the budget I actually need.” If that’s your situation (and frustration), then this is the session for you. Phil Cooke, co-founder of Cooke Media Group will share the keys to getting on the pastor’s wavelength and getting him excited about media. Stop struggling and hitting your head against the wall, and transform your future by learning the secrets of getting your pastor or ministry leader passionate about media.

Presented by Phil Cooke

From the front lines in Ukraine to the bush of Africa, Josh Etheridge talks about his experience, essential gear list, and story development for feature and mini-documentaries.  Josh focuses this class on the practical tricks he’s learned shooting in 15 Countries, and workshop-style techniques he uses to light, capture, develop, and lead an effective interview.

Presented by: Josh Etheridge

What does the church look like today, and how can we prepare for tomorrow? Technological advancements in Virtual Reality and Spatial Computing are painting a vastly different picture for society and for the church as well. As the Metaverse matures, how will it affect your church? How can your church prepare, today, for what the future holds?

Presented by Jeff Reed

Join the Creek Media team in this introduction to Video Over IP from what it is, how it can benefit church tech creatives, and why you need to be prepared for it.

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Dave Evans
Panelists: Will Chapman, Zach Anthony, Brycen Welborn

Having the latest and greatest camera with all of the available resolution in the world matters very little if the image you are capturing is poorly lit. This introductory lighting session will cover the basics of creating a pleasing image: 3-point lighting, color temperature, quality and quantity of light, and the main tools of lighting for film and video.

Presented by Ryan Geesaman

Have you experienced message failures, long delivery times, or disjointed ministry communication? Well, you’re not alone. With the many pitfalls that come with texting, let us show you the right way to add texting to your ministry! Join our session and learn the dos and don’ts of texting and how MBT comes alongside you as a ministry partner with a proven formula for a successful texting strategy.

Presented by Mike Cantrell

In a world where anyone can create a good looking image or video and audiences are over-saturated with content, what makes your video stand apart from the others? The story. How do you know if you have a good story? What separates an ok story from a capturing story? In this workshop, we’ll take a look at the two most important elements of any story, how our brains process stories, and how to increase connection and engagement with your audiences. This workshop is recommended for all levels for anyone working in marketing, video, or photography. 

Presented by Varina Shaughnessy

Join the Canon team at the Atrium Stage to see the newest camera technology in action.

Join the Creek Media team as they walk through the FOH and broadcast setup for Cottonwood Creek Church. Limited availability. Must pre-register.

Visit the Capture Summit partners showcasing the latest gear and technology for church techs and creatives.

Capture Partners

From North Face ads to church bumpers, Josh Etheridge talks about what it takes to make something worthwhile.  Learn how to take charge as a director while creating & utilizing a team to create uncompromisingly good films.  This class will share tricks during interviews, insight into pitching your ideas, and practical stories from set while leading 1-35 person film crews.  

Presented by Josh Etheridge

Be part of an extraordinary workshop session at Capture where we delve into the realm of immersive worship solutions. Explore the congregation’s heightened expectations for immersive experiences, drawing inspiration from the latest secular venues and entertainment-driven restaurants. Discover how performing arts venues serve as models for crafting remarkable experiences.

Presented by Craig Janssen

You have 3-point lighting down, but you still are not happy with the images you are producing. What’s next? This session will move beyond the basics of lighting for film and video into some of the tricks used by gaffers to shape light and create depth. Topics will include Rembrandt’s triangle, mixing warm and cool tones, negative fill, and how to spend wisely.

Presented by Ryan Geesaman

An introduction into Editing in Davinci Resolve. Why it’s great for Churches, how the UI of the editing tab functions and my favorite techniques in the editing tab to create compelling videos for Church. Must bring a laptop with the free version of Davinci Resolve installed. Video files will be provided.

Presented by Marcel Patillo

In a world where anyone can create a good looking image or video and audiences are over-saturated with content, what makes your video stand apart from the others? The story. How do you know if you have a good story? What separates an ok story from a capturing story? In this workshop, we’ll take a look at the two most important elements of any story, how our brains process stories, and how to increase connection and engagement with your audiences. This workshop is recommended for all levels for anyone working in marketing, video, or photography. 

Presented by Varina Shaughnessy

JVC Professional Video and Church Production Magazine worked together to supply a multi-camera PTZ streaming system to a church in need. Join us as JVC announces the recipient of the Aspire Program and hear about the impact the system is making for that church.

Join the Creek Worship team as we give praise and worship to our creator.

Van Nguyen and Tom Cubby take you through all the features the Sony Alpha, Ci, and pro-Audio have to offer.

If God has given us all of these technological advances, why can’t we use them to make disciples? Using digital tools can complement physical discipleship, to more effectively disciple someone or even connect you to new people to disciple. Let’s look some current platforms and tools, and dig into how they are currently being utilized to make disciples in a new way.

Presented by Jeff Reed

The Creek Media team was creating great content but struggled with low viewership and engagement of their creative assets. Join them as they discuss their journey of identifying the disconnect and how they diversified their delivery methods to create a vibrant community on Sunday and all week long.

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Dave Evans
Panelists: Will Chapman, Justin Frazier, Mike Cantrell, Leslie Wright

The pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home advisories issued by many states encouraged many houses of worship to begin live streaming or to improve existing capabilities. LifeWay Research reported that the percentage of Protestant churches engaged in live streaming jumped from 32% at the end of 2019 to 84% today. With this rapid adoption came learning about best practices and, in some cases, concerns about how it changes church and attendance. In this session, we will discuss both sides of live streaming: the positives and the potential unintended consequences.

Presented by Ryan Geesaman

Effective creativity still involves some elements of structure and planning. So how can we effectively “plan” to be creative? Join us in this session as we discuss how to map out a process that helps nurture and develop creative ideas, brings the right people to the table, and sets a team up for success as they run with new ideas.

Presented by Justin Firesheets

Have you wrestled with how to make the most out of your broadcast experience? Let’s talk through how to maximize your existing gear, lead your team, and reach people through the camera for the Gospel!

Presented by Garrett Siljee

This beginner-to-intermediate session offers an overview of video basics, with the focus on interviews. Learn professional techniques and tricks your team can use. Topics will include composition, audio, lighting, editing, and questions, as well as hacks to help make up for any equipment shortages.

Presented by Bill Dewhurst

Based on Phil Cooke’s acclaimed new book, this workshop will be the definitive experience for creative people who have to deliver breakthrough ideas on demand. One of the most destructive myths about creativity is the idea that we need to wait for inspiration. But as artist Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work.” If you’re a creative professional, this session will teach you how to “prime the pump” of your creativity, overcome the blocks, and deliver great ideas when you need them the most.

Presented by Phil Cooke

In today’s digital age, houses of worship face unique challenges when it comes to managing and storing media assets. From recording sermons and worship services to archiving historical footage, to streaming around the world, the need for easy, reliable, and scalable storage solutions is crucial.

Presented by James Flores, Jr.

This session will dive into the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is revolutionizing filmmaking. Participants will learn about the latest advancements in AI, including how it is being used to enhance the creative process and streamline production workflows. The session will cover various topics such as AI-generated scripts, automated editing, virtual cinematography, and the use of AI in visual effects. The presenter will also discuss case studies of successful AI integration in the film industry and shared insights on the potential impact of AI on the future of storytelling. The session will conclude with a Q&A session where participants can ask questions and share their thoughts on the topic. By the end of the session, attendees will have a solid understanding of how AI is reshaping the filmmaking landscape and be inspired to explore the possibilities of incorporating AI in their own creative projects. (Yes, this description was written by Chat-GPT.)

Presented by Ryan Geesaman

Seeing the latest in lighting gear from Nanlite on the Atrium Stage.

This will be an overview of the capabilities of a green screen and how to make it work on any budget. We will cover techniques, helps, and different software and effects. We will cover what to do in the three phases of production.

Presented by Bill Dewhurst

From the beginning of time, stories were told around a fire or in a book at bedtime. Story is captivating, and when combined with the infinite reach of social media, it’s one of the most potent tools a church can use to spread the Message. This session will teach you how to become a more powerful storyteller, one who masterfully targets and grows your social audience.

Presented by Rohn Starling

Many in our congregations are hungry for additional church content that is available during the week, not just on Sundays. Having a dedicated space and process to develop and curate this content is critical. Join us in this session as we walk thru the process of developing a podcast studio, from clarifying its vision and purpose to planning the technology details to implementing a plan for content production.

Presented by Justin Firesheets

The Great Commission tells us to ‘go make disciples’. In today’s digital world, it doesn’t matter where we are – what matters is how good our stories are. Let’s learn how to make our stories better, choose the best places online to share them, and predict what people might want to hear about next. In this new digital world, we can use our congregation’s data to help shape our messages about the Gospel to better connect with people who interact with our stories and our church.

Presented by Michael Visser

Hands-On: A deep dive into Color. Why Davinci Resolve is the “go-to” platform, the importance of Color Correction, and how to add a compelling “look” to your videos with Color Grading. Must bring a laptop with the free version of Davinci Resolve installed. Video files will be provided.

Presented by Marcel Patillo

Join the Accsoon & Saramonic teams at the Atrium Stage for a live demo of their latest gear.

Knowing your audience involves understanding others, and their perspectives, to see if they understand your words, examples, or the frames of reference you use to communicate your experiences, points, and conclusions. We touch on preproduction and how to look at not only the audience but ourselves as it relates to our goals. 

Presented by Bill Dewhurst

Are you facing challenges in effectively conveying your church’s mission and connecting with your community? You’re not alone. This 45-minute presentation will delve into common obstacles in church communications and present actionable solutions rooted in proven methods and strategic marketing. We’ll explore the unique fusion of the sacred and the strategic, and how you can harness the power of branding, digital media, and engaging advertising to build a stronger, more connected community. No matter your role in the church, this presentation promises to equip you with the tools to make your church’s communication clearer, more impactful, and more aligned with your core mission.

Presented by Katie Allred

In church filmmaking, we are often working in very small teams where everyone is wearing multiple hats. Unless those roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, it is easy for details to fall between the cracks. While years of working in church filmmaking prepared me to work on independent short films, there were lessons to be learned from the experience nonetheless. From preproduction to wrapping production, the 1st Assistant Director is more than simply an assistant to the director. This session will explore the administrative, diplomatic, and problem-solving aspects of this role.

Presented by Ryan Geesaman

Streaming a service online, but wanting to step up the bar? Or do something different? We want to focus on taking your streaming to the next level and breaking beyond just Sunday services.

Presented by Garrett Siljee

Join Joseph Durham as he unpacks these questions:
• Why use a separate broadcast audio feed from your FOH feed?
• How is the mix different?
• How is it the same?
• Why is it important to have a Multiview in front of the Broadcast Audio Engineer?
• How do you know what’s happening in the room if you are always in the Broadcast Audio Suite?
• How/why do you do quality control of your mixes?
• How do you talk with a musician who isn’t giving you what you need?
• Importance of not being a recluse and interacting with the rest of the production team.
• Don’t live and die by your mix but live and die on what God says about you.

Can you up your excellence without breaking your church’s bank? Zac Anthony says yes and explains these important points:
• Disclaimer: You must have a budget – nothing is free.
• Is equipment quality always dependent on how much money you spend?
• What other factors to consider when putting your AVL production system together?

Most churches have two posts ready every week for their social media—the “can’t wait for church on Sunday” and the “church Sunday was so good.” The fact of the matter is, every Sunday your church experience is full of gold that you can flip and turn into valuable content. This session will teach attendees how to turn two pieces of content into 50 using the power of story on social media. 

Presented by Rohn Starling

Join Dave Evans as he explores the differences between live and post-production. What’s different between live storytelling and post-produced storytelling (in terms of planning, production tools, and process)? How are they the same (in terms of planning, production tools, and process)? How does a story develop?   Having congruency in your storytelling among different platforms? Tips on making your story better (more effective).

Do you really want to engage and recruit teens to help in your tech production team? Of course you do. They are the future and the now of church ministry. Come hear insights from a youth pastor turned production director and learn how to bring teens into your tech ministry.

Presented by Dennis Choy

Join other creatives to collaborate and discuss Women in Tech, Creative Pastors Roundtable, Being Salt and Light in Modern Day Culture, and The Legality and Ethics of Everyone’s Favorite Sermon Series topics/tables to join in on one or more of these intimate conversations.

Facilitated by Katie Allred, Ellis Maryland, Ryan Geesaman, Patrick Elkins, Chad Vegas

Emotion is the most important aspect of any piece of content. Story is important but we need to move the audience. We are not just putting scenes together and giving information. The audience needs to feel something. We talk about timing, flow, and kinetic empathy.

Presented by Bill Dewhurst

Over the course of just a few short years, shooting on virtual sets has gone from a novelty to a necessity for many production companies and studios. In this discussion, we bring some clarity as to how a virtual set can operate, and we talk about the pro’s and con’s of using them for churches and ministries.

Micah and I can do this in a conversational format, and I might even bring in a third person with some more technical knowledge. If any of your sponsors are involved in this technology, that would obviously be best – otherwise, we have some contacts. 

Presented by Bryan Bailey, Micah Whitehead, Tyler Kaneshiro

What if I told you the advertised resolution of your camera may not be the actual resolution? And maybe you already know this, but a larger sensor does not necessarily mean higher resolution. What does it all mean, and how can we use this knowledge to make smarter choices in purchasing, production, and post?

Presented by Ryan Geesaman

With the increasing power and flexibility of Audio, Video, and Lighting systems, their reliance on networking technology has increased dramatically. While basic implementations can often be successful with minimal effort, quite often we don’t know we’ve reached the threshold of pain where advanced IT experience becomes critical to success until it is too late. From protocols like sACN, Dante, NDI, and SMPTE ST2110 to complex integration scenarios, this session will speak to the interdependence of AVL and IT in our service to the Church and the Kingdom.

Presented by Chris Green

How good audio creates great videos. Audio can help you pace your edit, add power or drive, imply joy or despair, and make the audience feel more immersed in the visuals.

Presented by Marcel Patillo

Frustration and friction are no fun in the work environment, especially when you work at a church where grace and mercy should abound. Learning to work with different personalities can solve a lot of these daily frustrations. In this session, you will find out how to work with people who are different from you and still be friends at the end of the day.

Presented by Dennis Choy

*Session topics are subject to change.