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Does Your Livestream Need to be Live? (Pre-recording and VOD)

Through the course of 2020 many churches had to make hard shifts from live-experience paradigms to broadcast-centric strategies. During this session, we'll discuss emerging approaches to pre-recording, live streaming and video on demand.

The Crucial Step of Pre-Production

Video success or failure is usually determined before the first frame of footage is even captured. Nothing is more frustrating that trying to create a good edit only to realize you don’t have the elements you need to tell your story, especially when working under social distancing restrictions. Join us as we discover what it takes to make sure your pre-production game is strong.

Assembling an Amazing Volunteer Film Crew

Filmmaking is a collaborative process, and a film team can only be as strong as its combined experience and abilities. Strong volunteer teams make all of the difference during this season of increased content demands. Join us for a practical conversation about how team leads can build the dream volunteer film crew.

Unleashing Your Lighting Game

When it comes to getting that “feature film” look, nothing matters more than shaping and controlling the light coming into the camera. While it can seem a bit overwhelming at first, creating cinematic lighting is possible once you understand the fundamental principles. Join us for an interactive, hands-on workshop on how to get footage you'll love with better lighting.

Next-Level Cinematography

There are so many ways to use a camera in the process of filmmaking. Sometimes those decisions can powerfully forward the story, but used incorrectly they can throw the viewer completely out of the moment. Join us to learn advanced cinematography concepts like framing, lighting, movement and visual effect.

Storytelling for Film & Content Creation

Creating great film and media content is about so much more than finishing the edit. When a great project comes together there’s nothing more powerful, but when it’s a swing and a miss there are few things more frustrating. During this session we’ll talk about what it takes to create great films that build real emotional connections and move people into action.

Mixing for Immersive Audio

Sometimes the easiest solution is to just throw a music track on top of the dialog, adjust the levels and call it a night. But how do you take your audio to the next level where everything works together to give your project that life that only comes from a great mix? Join us as we discover the tools and techniques to help create a great audio master.

World Building with LED Walls

LED video walls are rapidly becoming a go-to tool for creating powerful worship and ministry events. Creating content for these systems, however, often falls to the film team with little context or training. Join us as we learn the best ways to harness the unique power animations and video production for LED walls.

Capturing Audio as Good As Your Visuals

Great audio, music and sound effects can absolutely make or break a video project. Unfortunately, capturing great audio is often an afterthought onset. To explore the tools and techniques for auditory success, join us as we learn how audio can dramatically improve your filmmaking effectiveness.

Best Idea Wins: Harnessing Creative Collaboration

What’s the difference between a typical talking head project and something truly creative and effective? How do you make an ordinary film project extraordinary? Join us for this hands-on, interactive workshop all about how to take a simple request and turn it into the kind of project you’ve always dreamed of working.

Color Grading for Cinematic Impact

When it comes to church filmmaking there's never enough time on set. How do you rescue and restore footage that's just visually out of balance and take it to that next visual level? Join us as we explore the world of color correction and grading, and how to make it work for you on every project.

From Sequence to Story: The Power of Editing

It's often been said that films are written three times - once in pre-production, again on set, and then a third time in the edit bay. Join us as we discover how the editing process can serve to focus, refine and multiply the impact and effectiveness of your video project.

Creating A Solid Rig for Your Film Team

Church film teams today are expected to create many different types of media projects. Finding the right camera and gear for your individual film or video team can make all the difference. Join us as we discuss different types of digital cinema gear and technologies to learn which ones are right for you.

Next Steps as a Film Director

Part visionary, part leader, part artist and part cheerleader, the role of a film director is one of the most unique challenges in the world of production. Join us as we discuss what it takes to be a great film director and set your cast and crew up for success.

How Filmmaking is Changing the iMag Game

Historically, IMAG ministries have been centered around a broadcast-style approach to shooting content for IMAG and streaming. With the introduction of larger-sensor, cinema-style cameras capable of working within these parameters, the game is changing. Join us to learn how the world of filmmaking is having a powerful impact on the future of IMAG.

Building Out a Great Studio Space for Your Film Ministry

As churches grow their film ministry's capacity and impact, setting up a space dedicated to created media content becomes more important than ever. Join us as we learn the process of setting up a productive video studio in your church.

Church Filmcraft Festival

Join us as we review and discuss selected submissions to the Filmcraft Festival. This session will wrap with the inaugural Church Filmcraft Festival Award winners.

Building and Resourcing an Effective Film Ministry

While it's great to pull together an effective video that moves hearts and minds, it's another thing entirely to marshal the right leadership, volunteers and infrastructure to resource a healthy film team. Join us as we discuss the best methods for building a film ministry that will equip your church for the most impact.

Crafting Effective Sermon Bumpers for Worship

One of the most important functions a church film team can fulfill is to provide powerful bumper videos that complement and enhance teachings series and special events. Join us as we explore the best ways to develop and execute bumper videos that clearly and effectively communicate the heart and themes of your next series.

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