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Searching for Something | Short Film

Church:  Heritage Church
Submitted by:  David Martin
Church Size: 501-1,000
Location:  Sterling Heights, MI

We created this short film for our 2023 Easter services to set up the topic of how we all search for purpose, happiness, pleasure, etc. in life and ultimately our search ends with Jesus and we should find tremendous fulfillment in him dying for our sins and raising back to life!

This short film was shot on the Sony FX6 primarily using a vintage Russian lens called the Helios 44-2. I chose to rely a lot on natural light to achieve the mood that we were looking for. I would say the biggest challenge we encountered was the final drone shot of the main character walking into the church. Securing extras on a rainy Monday to film at a different church far away from where our church is located was tough but we pulled it off!

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