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  • Focus Less on What Was, and More on What’s Next

    I’ll never forget how foolish I felt after The Salvation Army’s 150th anniversary celebration at the magnificent O2 Arena in London. My wife Kathleen and I were there helping to lead the media team supporting the event and hosting the film festival, and everything had gone off without a problem. During one of the breaks, […]

  • The Damage From Leaders Who Are People Pleasers

    We all know that what’s called “people pleasing” is a bad thing. It pushes us to give up our dream for someone else’s dream, can deter us from what we’re really called to do, and causes us to settle for second best. But we rarely hear about the extensive damage that happens when leaders become […]

  • The One Staff Role Most Churches Get Wrong

    What’s the most misunderstood staff position at a typical church? I’m sure there are many answers, but I asked my friend and social media expert Steve Fogg about his experience. I was fascinated by his answer: With the rise of the digital native generation in our world I feel like we need to have conversation […]

  • In A Cluttered, Digital Media World, Do Press Releases Matter?

    It’s hard to believe that traditional press releases still matter in the world of social media. After all, with thousands of followers sharing your announcement with all of their followers, word can travel pretty fast. But as important as a social media strategy is to your marketing and communication, there’s still a vital place for […]

  • How Unifying Your Church or Ministry Brand Could Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars

    Fast Company magazine recently reported that leaders from the city of Oslo, Norway discovered they were spending $5 million a year because so many divisions and departments of city government had their own logo and brand. As Fast Company put it: “When the city of Oslo audited its books recently, it found something unsettling. With […]

  • Billboards are Back!

    Years ago, billboards were all the rage for businesses around the world. While billboards date back to ancient Egypt, they really came alive in America back in the 1950’s when vacations by car became so popular. Churches eventually jumped on the bandwagon, but in the digital age, churches have shifted advertising to online platforms. But […]

  • You Can Help The Influence Lab Through Amazon!

    The Influence Lab is our nonprofit created to help teach and train Christian media professionals internationally to use the media to share the gospel. As a result, we’ve taken media teams to various countries, held training sessions, spoken at conferences, or set up practice productions in order to help them raise their skill level for […]

  • What Have You Given Up On?

    I live in Los Angeles, so I see Hollywood from the inside. The entertainment and media business is a tough career to follow, and it can leave a lot of bodies in the wake. At some point, all the auditions, rejections, meetings, lies, bad relationships, struggles to raise money, failures, and sheer weariness take their […]

  • The Anger that Comes with Incompetence

    One thing you can almost always count on is that deep inside, bullies and jerks feel incompetent. It occurred to me because I have three little yappy dogs that live next door. They are small, and pretty much everything scares them. As a result, they bark at literally everything and can bark for hours at […]

  • Leaders: How A Crisis Can Build Your Career

    Whether you’re intentionally looking for it or not, a crisis could build your career. Time and time again, leaders have experienced breakthroughs in their career because of the willingness to personally step up during a time of crisis. Sometimes it’s direct, as when there’s no one else willing or able to take command of a […]