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Resources from Phil Cooke

  • Stop Wallowing in Negativity and Constant Complaining

    Living a creative life is tough. No matter how good you are, or how hard you work, you can be fired simply because the boss has bad taste and doesn’t like your work. I know. I was fired at 36 years old, only to find out the same ideas my old boss hated, were ideas

  • Why Corporate and Nonprofit Boards Should Include a Media Professional

    Corporate and nonprofit organizations tend to fill their boards with members who are influential or have helpful areas of expertise. It’s not unusual to see CEO’s, CFO’s, and other corporate leaders on another company or nonprofit’s board. We’re also seeing a growing number of women populating boards as well as representatives from minority communities. However,

  • Today, Everything Communicates

    Something leaders, speakers, and communicators often fail to understand is that in today’s digital world, everything communicates. That means it’s not just the message you share, but it’s the clothes you’re wearing, your attitude, the way you stand, the lighting in the room, and many more things impact how people receive that message. In a

  • Researchers Confirm the Power of Stories

    The New York Times has reported that scientists are confirming the power of narrative stories to give meaning to our lives. Our “life stories” tell us who we are and why we’re here, and as the Times reports, “Every American may be working on a screenplay, but we are also continually updating a treatment of our

  • The Secrets to Leading High Achievers

    As a leader, at some point in your career you’ll have the influence, budget, and resources to build a team of high achievers. High achievers come in all packages and personality types, and can revolutionize organizations. However, what I find more often is that bosses discover pretty quickly they are way out of their depth

  • The Loss of Brick and Mortar Stores Could Be a Boon for Churches

    Everyone is lamenting how Amazon and other online retailers are destroying traditional retailing in America – specifically when it comes to brick and mortar stores like Barnes & Noble, Sears, Kmart, JCPenny, and others. But the truth is the shift from retail stores to online could be a huge plus for churches and ministry organizations.

  • Pastors: Don’t Be Upset That Only 15 People Are Watching Your Livestream

    I spoke with a pastor the other day who is dropping the livestream broadcast of his Sunday worship. He was frustrated (and probably a little embarrassed) that only 10-15 people were watching, so he felt like it wasn’t worth the trouble. Let me tell you why that completely misses the point of livestreaming: What if

  • The Apostle Paul’s Amazing Ability to Share Christ

    I’ve been reading the New Testament Book of Acts, and been particularly fascinated with the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. There’s an enormous number of insights to glean from those chapters, however, one thing that glaringly stands out is just how often he found opportunities for sharing Christ. Walking about in the city? He

  • Why Churches Should Apply Their Visitor Strategy to Vendors and Contractors

    When it comes to new visitors, most church employees are warm and welcoming. They have a strategic plan to make visitors feel at home, are followed up, and get plugged into the local church community. However, when it comes to outside vendors, contractors, freelancers, or consultants, church employees are often skeptical, uninterested, and sometimes outright

  • Church Office Antics Might Not Be As Funny as Employees Think

    Let’s face it – the people in your church office are hilarious and do some crazy things. The question is, how can we share that with church members or people on the outside? I know – let’s produce a “mockumentary” or reality show on the antics that happen during staff meetings, brainstorming, and counseling sessions!