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Pride Shorts

Church: Trinity Episcopal Church
Submitted by: Jennifer Ratliff-Towner
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Broken Arrow, OK
Gear:  Samsung S10+ camera phone, Adobe Premiere Rush

“Pride Shorts 2021” were created to light the beacon to those who feel that the church has abandoned them due to their identifying as LGBTQ+. This video was featured in the church newsletter and played as “Pre-Service” for our Sunday livestream of the 9am service to coincide with the Pride festival.

This was shot on my Samsung S10+ camera phone and edited in Adobe Premiere Rush, which I taught myself 1 week prior.

The challenge of this project was finding those who felt comfortable speaking about their sexual orientation in a church setting. Another challenge was the time crunch of creating a several minute video on top of my normal designing, producing and directing of the livestream for a service that Sunday.

I am proud to serve at church that is Welcoming and Affirming and I hope this video brings hope to those who feel that the church has abandoned them.

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