Open the Gates | Gatecity Vision Film

Open the Gates | Gatecity Vision Film

Church: GateCity Church
Submitted by: Bryce McNabb, Director
Church Size: over 500
Location:  Lawrenceville, GA

The name “GateCity Church” is new. The then New Bridge/IHOP was formed through the mergers of three church bodies over the course of a few years, and the congregation felt divided. Some still holding onto the identity of the past church families, along with new members that had no history. We produced this film to help them cast their church vision, clearly communicate their unique expression of church, and unite their members together under the new church name, “GateCity”.

The film was captured primarily on a Z Cam E2-M4, and Panasonic GH5 (for MARTA shots and portrait interview angle). To communicate the spiritual atmosphere, we used 1/8 power Black Pro-Mist filters on the lenses to add a subtle glow effect.

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