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Now I See

Church: Living Hope Church
Submitted by: Jorge San Jose
Church Size: 501-1,000
Location:  Olathe, KS

“With our eyes we see, we dream, we accept, we hurt. It is easy to get caught up in seeing through the lens of comparison, sensitivity, and the desire to measure up. However, our eyes are to be pathways of love, tunnels on which graces walks and trails on which Jesus lets us see ourselves and others.”

I wanted to create something unique. An angle and a perspective that we all see from a day to day basis but probably dont play much attention to. I used a very simple Sony A58 camera with a 50mm lense all recorded in F1.8 to create a better depth of field.

I wanted to use a variety of angles and ages to give a sense that God’s mercy, grace, and love, are always present. The song choice was important to me. I wanted it to be reflective yet driven, strong yet sensitive. My favorita part of the video is when the cross shows up. it comes right when the narrative says “beyond ourselves”. I think there’s no better symbol than the cross to exemplify that.

This was a very rewarding project. We used it for a sermon series at our church but it is one that continues to impact people over and over.

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