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Best Direction 2022 | Night Watch | GateCity Church

Church: GateCity Church
Submitted by: Bryce McNabb, Director
Church Size: over 500
Location:  Lawrenceville, GA

I was contacted by GateCity because they wanted to put a spotlight on the Night Watch again. In past years, emphasis on the importance of the ministry had dwindled, and they wanted to stoke the fire in people’s hearts to give their nights to the Lord.

To call the audience to the ministry would require us to bring them into the Night Watch, give them a taste for what it’s like, and answer the burning question: Why would anyone ever do this? The answer to that question pointed to the reality of Jesus and our need to abide in Him.

I captured this film on the GH5s with the majority of footage shot on the Canon 24-105 and a Tamron 70-210 with the Metabones XL Speedbooster. I decided to use 1/8 Black Pro-Mist filters to create a glow and add to a spiritual aesthetic.

To remain authentic to the church, all the music used in this short was captured in the prayer room. To enhance the audio experience and immerse the audience in the sound of the prayer room, I used a Mid-Side recording/mixing technique.

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