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Looking For Answers | Dennis’s Story

Church:  LCBC Church
Submitted by: Brian Shaub
Church Size: 3,501-5,000
Location:  Manheim, PA

Dennis began attending church while he was serving in the Navy, but eventually lost touch with his faith. A search for answers after the loss of a family member led him back to a relationship with Jesus.

Sometimes we sit with people that are natural on camera and great at sharing there story Dennis was one of them.

Sony FX3 cameras
G-Master lenses
Edit Adobe
Color Resolve
Drone DJI Mavic 3

Biggest challenge was he lived far away so we captured the opening scene in the evening and treated it to look as morning as we could. We captured 90% of this all in one long day and traveled back to capture his baptism at another time. Also being on the water presented some difficulties. We needed a second boat to help capture.

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