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Josh Boyer’s Testimony

Church: Citylight Church
Submitted by: Becky Wierschen
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Philadelphia, PA

To make a long story short, our church meets in Philadelphia. During the pandemic, we went exclusively to online services. In the fall of 2020, restrictions in the suburbs of Philadelphia started to ease up on gathering restrictions. Our location in the city was still under heavy restrictions for meeting in person. God provided our church with a free building in the suburbs where we were able to have a small gathering of church attendees every Sunday. This is the story of Josh Boyer who was one of the church’s suburbanite congregants who attended these services weekly.

I shot this in a Canon Eos-R with an 85mm lens. I ran the church’s livestream in our home location, so it was difficult to get b-roll of Josh and Kelli attending this temporary building. This is a collaboration with several volunteer video people who were able to help me get some footage. I think it turned out great and shares a really beautiful story.

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