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Jesus…The Promised Messiah

Church: Marabella Open Bible Church
Submitted by: Maurissa Armstrong
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Marabella, San Fernando – Trinidad & Tobago

Greetings from Trinidad! In December 2020 Our church decided to produce it’s first film / musical production! No budget, all who participated volunteered their time and items they had in their homes to use as props, all filmed with one camera (a canon t4i) and put together in about 3 months! It was challenging to pull of writing a script in a week, working with everyone’s schedules and social distancing 🙁 But we did our best and experienced a level of comradery greater than I’ve ever witnessed before!
Thanks to all of these folks:

Producer: Joy Ramsey-Singh
Director: Kyle Hernandez
Writers: Kyle Hernandez and Maurissa Armstrong
Cast Members:
Grandpa – Kenrick Alexis
Leah – Maliyah Hackshaw
Mary/Denise – Antonia Armstrong
Jesus – Levy Reyes
Joseph/Jerome – Dwight Armstrong
Zechariah – Renold Basdeo
Elizabeth – Nicole Daharu
Scribe – Kyle Hernandez
Angel – Cyril Balbosa
King Herod – Alvin
Shepherds – Danelle Vieruel
Wise Men – Marc Murphy, Colin Franklin
Inn Keeper – Allison Basdeo
Extemporaneous Welcome & Introduction: Jeffrey Ramsey
Musical Overture:
Dillon Hosein
Donald Daharu
Joel Ramsey
Kyle Scott
Terry George
Title Piece: Messiah, Arlene Reyes
Musical Director: Nicole Daharu
Alvin Reeves
Arlene Reyes
Ayael Welsh-Smith
Brianna Peters
Charissa Singh
Colin Franklin
Danelle Vieruel
Danica Reyes
Darrius Vieruel
Joy Ramsey-Singh
Marc Murphy
Marlene Joseph
Shelley George
Stefon Shah
Zaria Baxam

Dance Choreography
Avril Noel

Danielle Sandy
Faith Stephen
Makayla Garcia
Maritza Garcia
Tejae Johnson

Solo Dancer
Gabrielle Samuel

Props & Costumes
Delisa Seunarine
Cyril Balbosa

Sound Recording and Editing:
Akil Edwards
Maurissa Armstrong
Darrius Vieruel

Video Recording, editing and special effects:
Dannelle Vieruel and Maurissa Armstrong

Michele Samuel
Charissa Singh
Stefon Shah

Pastor Errol Joseph

Custodial Care & Support:
Selwyn Mathura
Ricky Pascall

Planning Committee:
Arlene Reyes
Avril Noel
Delisa Seunarine
Michele Samuel
Nicole Daharu
Joy Ramsey-Singh

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