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“It Takes a Village” – a PAC Refugee Story

Church:  Princeton Alliance Church
Submitted by: Rolando Vega
Church Size: 1,001-2,000
Location:  Plainsboro, NJ

This Refugee Story was meant to shine a light on the small ways we can extend Christ’s love to the least of these in our communities. Princeton Alliance Church is located in Plainsboro, NJ, an area where there are more and more opportunities to serve refugees. This particular story centers around an Afghan family being shown the love of Christ by multiple people in the church. We used a lot of natural b-roll scenes and opportunities to showcase the families and people involved. The main challenge was to present this particular refugee family with dignity and confidentiality using creative composition and framing. This was shot on two Sony FX3’s, and a very simple FalconEyes Flex Light lighting setup. A Ronin RS3 was used for stabilization on b-roll scenes.

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