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Church: Church by the Glades
Submitted by: Mauricio Tinoco
Church Size: over 5,000
Location: Coral Springs, FL
Category: Narrative/Concept, Best Video
Equipment: After Effects, PremIere Pro, 4k Video Downloader, Getty images, Google image Search, Red Epic, Sony a7iii, DJI Ronin

Production on this cover originally began on May 24. The killing of Breonna Taylor & Ahmaud Arbery was still fresh in everyone’s mind, and we wanted to craft a moment to help articulate our response as a church to those who were dealing with some very real hurt in our community. The plan was to work on this over the course of two weeks and really dig into pre-production.

Then George Floyd was killed in Minnesota, and it drove home the urgency of what we were doing. The decision was made to do the cover a week early – which meant we had about 4 days to put this together – and the creative team went to work. This was the result.

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