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Incarnate: Wholly God, Fully Man, Begotten not Made

Church: NC4 (New Covenant Christian Community Church)
Submitted by: Cara Saliby
Church Size: 501 – 1,000
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Category: Narrative/Concept, Promo, Best Video (under 1,000 in attendance)

Our second attempt at a sermon series trailer. This series was for advent titled “Incarnate: Wholly God, Fully Man, Begotten not Made.” We wanted to create a sense of mystery and wonder at the incarnation of Jesus, and get congregants anticipating the unpacking of what it means to us that He was fully God and fully man. Shot on our Sony a6500, and the challenges we faced were more so in the scheduling actors and scouting locations, but a great learning process for us!

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