Capture Content Creation + Filmmaking Summit

Home Campaign – The Vision

Church: Flood Church
Submitted by: Timothy Eagerton
Church Size: 1-500
Location: San Diego, CA
Category:  Best Promotional
Gear:  After Effects

To cast vision for our building campaign, we wanted to revisit the significance of Church architecture of the past. What purpose did it serve? What story was being creatively told in those spaces? How does that connect with us, and the plans for our church spaces today?

To produce this piece, we crafted the script to a guide-track, “My Kingdom, My Rules” from the film, The King’s Speech. After tracking the vocal, we found a licensable alternative song to complete the audio take. Once finished, I worked through the script with an artist, and aligned classic, well-known artistic pieces from the Christian narrative to key moments in the script. She screen captured her recreation of those pieces in Procreate and sent me the corresponding captures in video format, on an alpha channel. We did the same with portraits of members of our church community, to bring the art of the past to our body, here and now. I then pulled those pieces into After Effects to stitch them together under a unified theme, to bring some life to the pictures beyond a static slide-show.

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