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“Heal The Land” | NewSpring Kansas Worship

Church: NewSpring Church
Submitted by: T.J. Nix
Church Size: 3,501-5,000
Location:  Wichita, KS

This music video was part of a nationally televised broadcast we produced in 2020. The Kansas African American Museum graciously allowed us to film on their grounds. The natural light coming from the stained windows was an incredible foundation for our lighting. We added a couple extra fixtures to push the window light a little further into the room and then shaped the rest of the light by either drawing or lifting the blinds. Then we staged our vocalists and instrumentalists in a direction that worked best for the room.

Director/DP: Justin Arwood
Steadicam: Luke Whitmire
Camera Ops: TJ Nix & Justin Arwood

Canon C200s
Xeen Cine Lenses
Steadicam Aero 30
Astera Titan Tubes


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