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GO Spotlight – The Neighborhood Christian Center

Church: First Bible Church
Submitted by: Emily Williquette
Church Size: 1,001-2,000
Location: Decatur, AL
Category:  Best Narrative/Concept Video
Gear:  Adobe Creative Suite, Sony a7sii, Rode Pro microphone

Every member at First Bible Church knows about the 3Gs: Gather (in corporate worship), Grow (in community groups), and Go (in service of the gospel). Periodically we choose a Go ministry to highlight for two reasons: to update the church about a particular ministry, and to encourage church members to get personally involved in the spread of the gospel.

Shot on the Sony a7sii and Rode Pro microphone, this Go spotlight short film showcases the local ministry efforts of the Neighborhood Christian Center (NCC). The film utilizes a straightforward documentary style of storytelling, with a mix of natural and studio lighting, and a mix of stabilized and handheld shots.

The film was shot on location at the NCC and edited via the Adobe Creative Suite 2020 (Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition). The biggest challenge to editing the film was cutting down multiple hours of footage and meaningful interviews to the time constraint of 4 minutes.
**A special thanks to the Neighborhood Christian Center for their permission and participation!

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