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Flourish Opener Video

Church:  LifeFamily Church
Submitted by:  Will Hammond
Church Size: 2,001-3,500
Location:  Austin, TX

This project was the opener video for our annual Girls Night event. The theme was “Flourish”, so we wanted to create an opener that celebrated all of the women in our church and encouraged them to flourish in any season. We had a blast gathering women from all different walks of life in our church, filming them in front of a blank white backdrop, and then putting this entire piece together. After filming with the ladies, we gathered an array of flowers and plants, filmed them in front of the same backdrop, then spent several long days editing it all together in AfterEffects. It was a pretty big technical challenge to blend the silhouettes, flowers, and other visual effects together, but it was worth it.

This was filmed with a Panasonic GH5S, some simple GVM lights, and a whole lot of post-production.

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