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First Bible Church Newsreel 5-10-20

Church: First Bible Church
Submitted by: Emily Williquette
Church Size: 1,001-2,000
Location: Decatur, AL
Category:  Best Promotional Video
Gear:  Sony a7sii, Rode Pro microphone, Sekonic light meter, Adobe Creative Suite

Shot with the Sony a7sii and Rode Pro microphone, this week’s newsreel utilizes a fairly straightforward approach to our church announcements. We’ve opted for a standard 23.976 frame rate, 2.8 F-stop (for the light bokeh background effect), and a 1/60 shutter speed. We shot straight on, at the host’s eye-level, ensuring that the viewer sees the host as a friendly and confident peer delivering this week’s church updates.

We generally prefer natural lighting and achieved a quality color and exposure triangle via a white balance card and Sekonic light meter.
The newsreel was edited via the Adobe Creative Suite, 2020 (Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects), and the pre-reel intro video was created exclusively via After Effects.

The biggest challenge to creating a professional and engaging newsreel each week is keeping the audience’s attention while maintaining the consistency of our church’s brand. We mostly do this by varying the host and location, with slight-moderate changes to the script each week.
Overall, as a reformed church with straightforward and traditional theology, we feel that a simple, straightforward approach to church media best represents our brand, while engaging our audience in an authentic way.

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