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Fighting for Me

Church: Chapel of Prayer Ministries
Submitted by: Constance McIntyre
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Miramar, FL
Gear:  Canon 5E Marl V, iPhone 10xr

As an educator who fought hard during the recent pandemic not to lose my love of teaching, there was a need to bring a fresh lens of hope to the our community, teachers, students, and parents. The Lord directed me to use particular music selections in hopes of ministering not only to the students but to the community at large beyond the walls of the church. 


Since we were not allowed to use the auditorium for our annual dance showcase due to Covid guidelines, the Lord led me to think outside of the box and to film the dance showcase beyond the walls of the stage.


This video features Carol City Middle Schools’s (CCMS) wonderful Department of Dance and Film, which is part of CCMS Visual and Performing Academy as they debut their 2021 short dance film titled “Fighting for Me”. This particular project was filmed during the Covid19 Pandemic, which actually challenged me as a director as well as the students to think outside of the box of how they view dance. 


The challenges we encountered were with various students being quarantined from time to time, filming outside when the weather could change at any point, and working within the time frames of the school’s bell schedule as well as social distancing. I am am extremely proud of the students. Our time was extremely limited but God was faithful.


Again, as the Director of Dance & Film for an inner city school which houses non-traditional households, the students, parents, and teachers needed a lifeline of hope, and inspiration. As a Christian and educator, I wanted to capture the landscape of a world that many shy away, especially when it comes to our culture. I pray you are ministered to. 


This was filmed with a Canon 5D Mark IV with an all female team.

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