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Echo (Quarantine Edition)

Church: Church by the Glades
Submitted by: Mauricio Tinoco
Church Size: over 5,000
Location: Coral Springs, FL
Category: Promotional, Best Video

This was an idea we had for a couple of weeks prior to actually making it. Three of our vocalists had done an impromptu version of this just after quarantine started on Instagram where they were singing from their homes, and two weeks later we decided to try it on a larger scale. This time around, our five vocalists wrote, recorded and mixed their own tracks on a Monday. We filmed on a Tuesday in various locations at the church with a C100 mkii / sigma 18-35m combo & a single Aputure Tri-8c LED on a stand. Each singer had their own recording from the day before in their ears so they could match their breathing and performance, and we recorded a single take for each part. Edit took place on Wednesday in Premiere and we delivered Thursday morning.

What made this one work as well as it did was Rob’s (the lead vocalist here & the one who mixed it down) decision to include a clap at the beginning of everyone’s reference. That keep syncing from being a nightmare and keep the edit moving smoothly. The waveform monitor, built-in ND filters, and the Dual Pixel Auto focus on the C100 made the single-operator setup doable (we were trying our best to honor quarantine rules, which is why there’s only ever a single person onscreen). Biggest challenge was the frames when we have multiple takes onscreen. In the end, we created PNGs in Illustrator that helped me maintain the perception of consistent distance on screen between every performer’s space.

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