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Darby’s Story | Project Connect

Church: Brentwood Baptist
Submitted by: Derek Cressman
Church Size: 5,000+
Location:  Brentwood, TN
Category:  Best Testimonial
Gear:  Canon C300 Mark II, F4.0, ISO 850

“Being incarcerated was one of the biggest blessings of my entire life.” These are the first words Darby said to me as we sat for coffee the first time I met Darby. We spent almost 2 hours at the coffee shop listening to Darby pour out his entire life story. Now how do you condense that into a 3min video?

Darby spent 13 years in prison and met Jesus in prison after being given a Bible. The power of the cross is what Darby needed in his life to just make it another day. God has been at work in Darby’s life now being out of prison. Not only is he a new creation, but he is doing ministry in some amazing ways so that others can know that same salvation given through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Everyone has a story. You never know what the person sitting next to you could be going through.

The project was shot on the: Canon C300markII, F4.0, ISO 850. We used the Kino Flo mounted directly above to achieve the most contrast possible on Darby. From Darkness to light was the inspiration in Darby’s story.

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