Capture Content Creation + Filmmaking Summit


Church: Living Hope Church
Submitted by: Jorge San Jose
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Olathe, KS

“Change is something we all experience. Sometimes is inevitable. Sometimes is chosen. But it is always necessary for beauty to grow.”

This video was obviously used around the fall. The concept of it was simple, taking the natural change of nature, and utilizing its colors and beauty to emphasize and encourage people in something we all wrestle with… change.

This was all shot with a Zhiyun Crane 3 gimbal and a Sony A7Sii. Everything was shot on the same day to preserve the same lighting a feel. The script of the video was written by me after spending time in prayer with the Lord. I didn’t necessarily planned to make a video out of it. I simply wrote it and then while driving I saw the leaves and pulled up to the park and started filming.

This video was simply fun. It wasn’t necessarily challenging to make, but it is challenging to live out. I watch it often to remind myself of the truth that God gave me that day.

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