Best Overall 2022 | Crisis Response Lake Charles, Louisiana | Constance Free Church

This project was shot over the course of a few days in Lake Charles, Louisiana with the mission of getting people to go on a Crisis Response mission trip. It was made to be played in our mission focus month of February. Jon Peake conceptualized the project, shot it, and edited it. Notice the drone shot going through the ladder rack of the truck, how you see it was how it was shot.

Gear Used:

Sony a7iii caged with diety shotgun
Zoom h5n
sennheiser lav.
rode go
Dji Mini2

Best Cinematography 2022 | Crown and Cross | Life Church

This was our video for Easter 2022 service. We made this to support the sermon for our senior pastor’s vision for Easter Sunday. With a crew of only 2 and one actress, we set across the country to bring the film to life. We faced snow, desert, and mountains to get the shots we needed. We knew we wanted a beautiful, unique look and lens character to further the emotional impact of the story.

This was shot with an Arri Alexa Mini and Kowa Prominar Anamorphic lenses to fully capture the beauty and space of where we were located.

Our biggest challenge was physically getting into some of the spots to film due to the snow and huge sand dunes, but as a team we worked towards the vision and overcame those challenges.

Color grading and sound design in Resolve 17

Best Direction 2022 | Night Watch | GateCity Church

I was contacted by GateCity because they wanted to put a spotlight on the Night Watch again. In past years, emphasis on the importance of the ministry had dwindled, and they wanted to stoke the fire in people’s hearts to give their nights to the Lord.

To call the audience to the ministry would require us to bring them into the Night Watch, give them a taste for what it’s like, and answer the burning question: Why would anyone ever do this? The answer to that question pointed to the reality of Jesus and our need to abide in Him.

I captured this film on the GH5s with the majority of footage shot on the Canon 24-105 and a Tamron 70-210 with the Metabones XL Speedbooster. I decided to use 1/8 Black Pro-Mist filters to create a glow and add to a spiritual aesthetic.

To remain authentic to the church, all the music used in this short was captured in the prayer room. To enhance the audio experience and immerse the audience in the sound of the prayer room, I used a Mid-Side recording/mixing technique.

Testimonial by Erik Johnson | St Mark Ministries

This is a very difficult video to produce based on the subject matter. I wanted the subject to be comfortable, but I also wanted to make sure the video looked perfect. I spent an extended period of time setting up the shot, we played around with various positions and angles and backdrops before finding the perfect solution. I had to fight the sun coming in through the windows and we were constantly losing light.

Miraculum | New Hope Community Church

This was shot and recorded live as part of a special Christmas time service. The camera on stage is the Sony a7iii on a gimbal. The individual running the camera is attempting to move his shot in a way that feels as though it’s a part of the song, almost like a dance, emphasizing certain moments, crescendos, or sounds, and highlighting worship through the instruments, being able to get in close, all while the director also told the story through cuts revealing what’s happening on stage, the other cameramen, on their Panasonic PTZs and maned camera stepped into the dance with zooms and pans.

Open the Gates | Gatecity Vision Film

The name “GateCity Church” is new. The then New Bridge/IHOP was formed through the mergers of three church bodies over the course of a few years, and the congregation felt divided. Some still holding onto the identity of the past church families, along with new members that had no history. We produced this film to help them cast their church vision, clearly communicate their unique expression of church, and unite their members together under the new church name, “GateCity”.

The film was captured primarily on a Z Cam E2-M4, and Panasonic GH5 (for MARTA shots and portrait interview angle). To communicate the spiritual atmosphere, we used 1/8 power Black Pro-Mist filters on the lenses to add a subtle glow effect.

Worthy of it All | New Hope Community Church

This is a clip from one of our Sunday live streams. It is an original song, sung by the writer, and composed for orchestra by one of our worship team members. The audio was mixed for stream on logic while the video was shot using a mix of Panasonic PTZ cameras and the Sony a7iii through the Blackmagic ATEM software. It was then placed in black and white to emphasize the heart of the singer, the use of shadow and light on stage, as well as how the dissolve transitions blend with the footage underneath.