Capture Content Creation + Filmmaking Summit

Bounce/Back to School Bumper

Church:  LifeFamily Church
Submitted by:  Will Hammond
Church Size: 2,001-3,500
Location:  Austin, TX

This project was created as a bumper/promotional video for our big back-to-school series called “Bounce”. We actually came up with the whole concept for this video during last year’s Capture Summit 2022! We still have the notepad where I sketched out the idea.
The tagline for the series was “returning joy to your life”, so we built a fake cyc wall studio out of backdrop paper and a DIY light grid, ordered 500 cheap bouncy balls, and setup/shot this in 2 days. It was such a special part of the whole series, and it’s even better that the idea came about while listening to others share their ideas at the Capture Summit!

We used Panasonic a GH5S, GVM and ring lights, and a whole lot of storyboarding


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