Church Filmcraft Festival Awards

We can't wait to share what you've created

When you look around your church and community, there are stories everywhere. Capture Summit wants to see the ones you’ve brought to life.

The Church Filmcraft Festival provides the open forum. Submit your film for a chance to win some great prizes. 

2023 Categories

Best Testimonial
Best Bumper/Series Starter
Best Promotional
Best Music
Best Concept
Best Overall (Under 1k in seats)
Best Overall

Church Filmcraft Festival Submission Guidelines

So you want to enter the Church Filmcraft Festival? Here are some helpful guidelines for making sure the process goes off without a hitch.

Eligibility and Rules

  • The submission deadline is May 15, 2023.
  • The Church Filmcraft Festival entries must be produced by an in-house church video production team.  
  • Submission videos must be publicly viewable.
  • Each church is limited to a total of three submissions.
  • All submissions are automatically considered for all categories.
  • Submissions are only eligible for an award if a team member attends, in person, the Capture Summit 2023 at Cottonwood Creek Church in Dallas. 
  • All entries will be judged taking into account the areas of cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, VFX, script, direction, and animation.