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Church: Agape Faith Church
Submitted by: Tereasa Neal
Church Size: 1,001-2,000
Location:  Clemmons, NC
Category:  Best Series Starter
Gear:  Canon 70D

We were launching a Young Adult-focused ministry at the church. It was the first time we attempted something like this, so we wanted to place a lot of emphasis on it. We wanted to communicate to young adults through a medium that they’re more familiar with. The message was tailored to cut to the heart of some of the things that millennials face in life.

What equipment did you use?
A Canon 70D with a nifty fifty lens, some lightboxes, a furniture dolly, a bunch of Goodwill-sourced speakers, and a pendant light with Edison bulb from home depot.

Did you use special techniques to get that perfect shot?
We used a furniture dolly to get some slow-in shots. Eye drops for tears. Filmed at 60fps and slowed to 24fps for a few shots.

What were some of the challenges you encountered?
We didn’t have many actors available and a very limited budget. So we had to design the set and script in a way that didn’t rely heavily on professional equipment or too many lines.

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