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A Walk of Mourning and Restoration

Church: First Presbyterian Church of Orlando
Submitted by: Donovan McCloskey
Church Size: 2,001-5,000
Location: Orlando, FL
Category:  Best Narrative/Concept, Best Promotional, Best Life-Change Story, Best Video
Gear: Lumix GH5

In the wake of the George Floyd protest and rioting, the church communities from all denominations in Orlando came together for a day of prayer, mourning, and restoration. Our church community participated in the event and our lead pastor, Dr. David Swanson, provided a speech to the entire crowd. He urged everyone to see the church body as a unified body and that as a white man he may not see the pain of the black community but that it was our job to carry that burden with them to a place of healing and restoration.

It was a powerful day to see such unity between all different church communities, coming together to read scripture, pray, and hear from city leaders. Jesus was the focus that day and it made me hopeful for our city’s restoration and proud to be apart of the Orlando Church community.

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