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2020 Year In Review | Every Nation NYC

Church: Every Nation NYC
Submitted by: Zachariah Yuzon
Church Size: 1-500
Location:  Astoria, NY

I don’t even know if this video belongs in this category, but this was a simple concept year-in-review video montage of our online video journey with our church during the pandemic. It may have low impact to those not familiar or a part of the church family, but for the congregation I was told it brought tears to many. The biggest challenge was aggregating all of the footage from the entire year, and picking and choosing which shots to go where squeezed in a few minutes. Instead of typically using narration, I tried to focus on the faces of our church. I added a little bit of narration towards the end, which I pulled from various unrelated segments of our archives such as sermons or miscellaneous videos. This video took forever to render also as there were a ton of motion graphics and transitions involved.

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